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Navigating the Roads of Quality: Your Ultimate Guide to Used Cars in Wenatchee, WA

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to find your dream used car in Wenatchee, WA? Look no further than Cascade Autocenter! As your trusted destination for quality pre-owned vehicles, we're here to guide you through the process of discovering the perfect ride that suits both your lifestyle and budget.

At Cascade Autocenter, we understand that purchasing a used car is not just about finding a mode of transportation; it's about finding a reliable companion that enhances every journey. That's why we take pride in offering a diverse selection of meticulously inspected and carefully curated used cars, ensuring that each vehicle meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

Whether you're in the market for a sleek sedan, a versatile SUV, a rugged truck, or a fuel-efficient hybrid, our extensive inventory has something for everyone. Our team of knowledgeable sales professionals is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, helping you navigate through our inventory to find the perfect match for your needs and preferences.

We believe that transparency is key when it comes to purchasing a used car. That's why we provide detailed vehicle history reports and transparent pricing information, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decision-making process. Additionally, our experienced finance team is here to assist you in exploring financing options and finding a payment plan that works for you.

At Cascade Autocenter, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale. Our state-of-the-art service center is staffed with certified technicians who are equipped with the latest tools and technology to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs, or genuine Subaru or Chevrolet OEM parts, you can trust our team to deliver top-notch service with a smile.

But don't just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with Cascade Autocenter:

I couldn't be happier with my new Chevy Equinox, or the amazing staff! Everyone I spoke with was amazingly friendly! I must give special mention to Tony, and both Mark B. & Mark L. They went above and beyond to guarantee an exceptional experience! I can't thank you enough! Cascade Autocenter should be your first choice for servicing, or purchasing a vehicle!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tiffany Tweed

I could be here all day to give major props to the sales & finance team. A special thank you to Tony & Dave. Tony was the kindest, most knowledgeable and sweet man. You could tell he was genuine and wasn't a pushy car salesperson. He thoughtfully listened to what I wanted, answered my questions and really helped me into a vehicle. I went 5 months with no car because a drunk driver hit me and totaled my car. I didn't think I would be approved for a vehicle but between Tony & Dave working with different finance companies I was approved and able to get the van I absolutely love. They gave us coffee, bottler water and apples when we were there. Hands down the BEST car buying experience!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rocio Palacio

So why wait? Start your journey to finding the perfect used car in Wenatchee, WA, today by visiting Cascade Autocenter. Let us help you navigate the roads of quality and embark on your next adventure with confidence!

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Best Place to Look for Used Cars?

In the realm of purchasing a used car, the quest for the perfect vehicle can often feel like a daunting journey through a labyrinth of options. From navigating countless online listings to visiting various dealerships, the search can quickly become overwhelming. However, amidst this sea of choices, there shines a beacon of reliability and quality – Cascade Autocenter in Wenatchee, WA.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Central Washington, Cascade Autocenter stands out as a haven for car buyers seeking not only exceptional vehicles but also a seamless purchasing experience. Here's why Cascade Autocenter earns its reputation as the best place to look for used cars:

Vast Selection of High-Quality Vehicles:

Cascade Autocenter boasts an extensive inventory of top-notch used cars, trucks, and SUVs, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you're in the market for a sleek sedan, a rugged off-road vehicle, or a family-friendly SUV, you'll find an impressive array of options to choose from. Each vehicle undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure it meets stringent quality standards, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

Transparent Pricing and Financing Options:

At Cascade Autocenter, transparency is key. Unlike some dealerships where hidden fees and unclear pricing structures can leave buyers feeling uncertain, Cascade Autocenter prioritizes honesty and clarity throughout the purchasing process. With competitive pricing and a variety of financing options available, including loans tailored to individual needs and budgets, customers can make informed decisions without any surprises along the way.

Exceptional Customer Service:

From the moment you set foot on the lot to the day you drive off in your new-to-you vehicle, the team at Cascade Autocenter is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. Knowledgeable and friendly staff members are on hand to assist you at every step, whether you're browsing vehicles, exploring financing options, or scheduling maintenance services. Their commitment to customer satisfaction sets Cascade Autocenter apart, fostering long-lasting relationships with clients built on trust and reliability.

Community Involvement and Reputation:

Beyond its stellar reputation among customers, Cascade Autocenter is deeply ingrained in the Wenatchee community. With a strong commitment to giving back, the dealership actively supports local charities, events, and initiatives, demonstrating its dedication to making a positive impact beyond the showroom floor. This community-oriented approach resonates with customers, further solidifying Cascade Autocenter as not just a dealership but a trusted member of the community.

Seamless Online Experience:

In today's digital age, convenience is paramount. Cascade Autocenter understands this, which is why they offer a seamless online experience for customers. From browsing inventory and scheduling test drives to applying for financing and even arranging delivery, the dealership's user-friendly website streamlines the car-buying process, allowing customers to find their dream vehicle from the comfort of their own home.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best place to look for used cars, Cascade Autocenter in Wenatchee, WA, stands head and shoulders above the rest. With its vast selection of high-quality vehicles, transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, strong community involvement, and seamless online experience, Cascade Autocenter offers everything discerning car buyers could ask for and more. So, if you're in the market for a used car, look no further than Cascade Autocenter – your trusted partner on the road ahead.


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Elevate Your Driving Experience with OnStar® 

Welcome to Cascade Chevrolet, your premier destination for exceptional vehicles and cutting-edge automotive technology in Wenatchee, WA. As part of our commitment to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction, we're excited to delve deeper into the versatility of OnStar, a revolutionary subscription service that's redefining the way drivers stay connected and protected on the road. Join us as we explore three lesser-known facets of OnStar and learn how it can enhance your driving experience!

  1. Roadside Assistance Anytime, Anywhere: While local roadside assistance memberships are valuable, they may not provide the coverage you need when traveling or venturing far from home. That's where OnStar shines. Whether you're navigating the scenic highways of Washington or exploring off-road in the Cascade's, OnStar ensures help is always within reach. With just the push of a button in your Chevrolet vehicle from Cascade Chevrolet, you can access a vast network of roadside assistance providers, guaranteeing prompt assistance wherever your journey takes you.
  2. Instant Connection On Demand: In moments of uncertainty or distress, having immediate access to help can offer invaluable peace of mind. For those situations when the stakes are high, they have specially trained Emergency Advisors. They’re skilled and prepared to guide you through the scary moments so you’re not alone. Whether it’s a crash, medical emergency, dangerous weather or another emergency, they’ll contact the appropriate 911 center to request assistance be sent to the location of the emergency and stay on the line with you until First Responders arrive. OnStar's seamless communication capabilities ensure you're never alone, even in the most challenging situations.
  3. Aid Beyond Your Own Drive: At Cascade Chevrolet, we believe in the power of community and lending a helping hand to those in need. With the OnStar Guardian app, you can extend assistance beyond your own driving experiences. Whether you witness a roadside emergency from the road, a simple notification sent through the app can swiftly summon emergency personnel to the scene, potentially making a life-saving difference for fellow drivers in our community. At Cascade Autocenter we believe in reliability and serving our community every way possible. That's why we offer three years of complimentary life saving technology such as Onstar, with every 2024 new Chevrolet and some 2023's.

Discover OnStar at Cascade Chevrolet in Wenatchee, WA.  As your trusted Chevrolet dealership in Central Washington, Cascade Chevrolet is dedicated to ensuring you have access to the latest automotive innovations and services. Whether you're driving a new Chevrolet model with a three year complimentary OnStar trial or exploring options for activating OnStar on your existing vehicle, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about OnStar and discover how it can elevate your driving experience in Wenatchee WA, and beyond.

At Cascade Chevrolet in Wenatchee, WA, we're proud to offer more than just exceptional vehicles—we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your driving journey. With OnStar, you're not just receiving emergency assistance; you're gaining access to a world of convenience, connectivity, and peace of mind. Experience the full potential of OnStar with Cascade Chevrolet today and embark on a safer, more connected driving experience for yourself, your family and everyone on the road!

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Safe Journeys with Cascade Autocenter: 10 Defensive Driving Tips from Our Commercial Fleet Department

Ensuring the safety of our commercial vehicle customers and the valuable cargo they transport is a core commitment at Cascade Autocenter . Mastering defensive driving is not just a skill but a pledge to protect lives, our fleet, and the esteemed reputation of Cascade Autocenter. To fortify the safety of our drivers and enhance their driving experience, we present 10 personalized defensive driving tips tailored for Cascade Autocenter Commercial fleet drivers.

1. Plan Ahead with Cascade Precision:

Embark on your journey with meticulous planning. Cascade Autocenter encourages checking weather forecasts, traffic reports, and potential road challenges before hitting the road. Always have a contingency plan in place to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

2. Cascade Focus: Eliminate Distractions:

Before setting off, eliminate distractions to maintain focus. Keep your phone on silent, refrain from adjusting electronic devices while driving, and keep music at a low volume to stay alert to your surroundings. Create maneuvering space around your  vehicle. Keep lanes open for sudden movements, and flow with traffic at a consistent speed while avoiding heavy traffic whenever possible.

3.  Vision on the Road:

Scan the road ahead to anticipate potential hazards. Our larger trucks require extra time and space to react, so look several cars ahead and down the road for at least 10–15 seconds to foresee and navigate potential challenges.

4. Cascade's Rule: Keep Your Distance:

Maintain a safe distance between work truck vehicles and others on the road. Avoid tailgating and adjust your speed to ensure ample spacing, providing one to two seconds of reaction time for every 10 miles per hour. Especially in the snowy winters here in Eastern Washington.

5. Check Your Blind Spots:

Prioritize visibility by checking mirrors and being vigilant of blindspots, especially where smaller vehicles might be hidden. Cascade Autocenter recommends slowing down when necessary and utilizing blindspot cameras for enhanced awareness. Check out our award winning parts department for safety accessories.

6. Stay Alert at Intersections:

Vigilance is key at intersections, particularly those with traffic lights. Be cautious of distracted drivers, red-light runners, and those unable to stop in time. Allow a few seconds before accelerating to avoid potential errors.

7. Adjust Your Speed for Caution:

Adhere to posted speed limits but be ready to adjust based on road conditions. Factors like weather, visibility, traffic, road conditions, and load weight may necessitate driving at a slower speed for safety.

8. No Backing Up for Cascade Trucks:

Avoid backing up on busy streets to prevent collisions. Cascade Autocenter advises using available space to turn around. Vehicles making deliveries should ensure ample space in front for easy forward movement.

9. Keep Calm, Drive Cascade:

Maintain composure despite stressful situations. Stay alert for reckless drivers but avoid engaging with them. Slow down if needed and prioritize safety to uphold Cascade Autocenter's positive and professional reputation.

10. Stay Safe and Healthy with Cascade:

Cascade Autocenter emphasizes the importance of safe and healthy habits to stay sharp on the road. Beyond the basics like buckling up and checking mirrors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, keeping a first-aid kit in your cab, and taking breaks for sustained focus.

Cascade Extra: Nurturing a Culture of Safety:

At Cascade Autocenter, safety isn't just a checklist—it's ingrained in our culture. Our commitment goes beyond the road; it extends to the well-being of our customers. For your next commercial vehicle or safety accessories and parts, explore our extensive selection on or call our award winning service center.

Drive safely from Cascade Autocenter, Located in beautiful Wenatchee WA!


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A beginners guide to Section 179: Your gateway to the “SUV Tax Loophole”

Section 179 allows small businesses to deduct 100% of the purchase price for a piece of eligible property during the first year that it was put into service for your business. This is a deduction you should understand if you make major purchases of property, equipment, or vehicles for your business. Federal tax code, Section 179 is your streamlined path to deducting the full purchase price of qualifying vehicles and software during the tax year. Originating as a U.S. government incentive to stimulate small to medium business, Section 179 has evolved beyond its "SUV Tax Loophole" days, emerging as a significant hack for SMB businesses.

Immediate Write-Offs: A Game-Changer

Unlike traditional depreciation, Section 179 allows businesses to write off the entire purchase price for the current tax year. For sole proprietors and small business owners, this means the potential to deduct the entire cost of qualifying vehicles in the year of purchase. And Cascade autocenter has a multitude of qualifying vehicles. Most business owners would prefer to write off the entire amount for the year they buy it. In fact, your business might add more vehicles instead of waiting over the next few years. That’s the whole purpose behind Section 179 - to motivate and stimulate the economy and to scale your business in a positive direction. So if you’ve been holding off on purchasing that much-needed work truck – there’s no reason to wait any longer. 

Navigating the Limits: Getting Maximum Benefits

While the benefits are substantial, Section 179 does come with certain limits. We advise businesses that the total amount written off is capped at $1,160,000. This phased deduction ensures that small and medium-sized businesses can fully capitalize on this tax advantage.

Qualifying Equipment and Business Usage

To harness the benefits of Section 179, it's crucial that the equipment or vehicles are used for business purposes more than 50% of the time. Cascade autocenter emphasizes the importance of calculating the eligible monetary amount by multiplying the cost by the percentage of business use.To be eligible for the Section 179 deduction, a vehicle must have a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) over 6,000 pounds.

Chevrolet Vehicles in the Spotlight

Cascade Autocenter takes pride in highlighting a selection of Chevrolet vehicles eligible for the Section 179 Deduction in 2023-2024. These vehicles not only serve your business needs but also fall under the criteria to qualify for tax benefits in a big way. 

  • Trucks: Silverado 2500HD, 3500HD, 4500HD, 5500HD, 6500HD
  • Vans: Express Cargo Van 2500, 3500, Express Passenger Van
  • Large SUVs: Suburban, Tahoe, Traverse

Investing in a dedicated Chevrolet work vehicle provides many advantages. Tax deductions through the Section 179 provision can magnify the value of your pickup truck, cargo or passenger van, or rugged SUV. At Cascade autocenter, we’re proud to support businesses that fall into this category. Business owners and sole proprietors such as: Realtors, Construction Companies, Landscaping Services, Farming and Agriculture, Medical Practices, Transportation Services, Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, Event Planning Services, Home Improvement Services, Interior Design Businesses and Staging Companies, Fitness Centers, Last Mile Delivery and yes, even Car Dealerships!

Seizing the Opportunity with Cascade Autocenter

Cascade Autocenter is proud to educate fellow SMB businesses to delve into the expansive benefits of Section 179, providing a strategic avenue for business owners to enhance their financial positions. Committed to being a thought leader in the dealership space and keeping our customers informed, we also recommend talking to your tax advisor or accountant. 

In closing, while traditional write-offs through depreciation have their merits, Section 179 presents a game-changing opportunity for businesses to make immediate investments, contributing to both individual growth and the economic landscape in the good ol’ USA. As a small business ourselves, we recognize the significance of this tax incentive, and we encourage our customers to stay informed as well!


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Navigating the Vehicle ownership Dilemma: Leasing vs. Buying at Cascade Autocenter

Choosing between buying and leasing a car is a pivotal decision that many find challenging. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, making the decision-making process complex. Cascade Autocenter understands the importance of making an informed choice, so let's explore the intricacies of both options.

Buying with a Conventional Car Loan

Acquiring a vehicle through a conventional car loan involves borrowing money from a bank, credit union, or lending institution. Monthly payments are made over a specified number of years, with a portion allocated to interest and the rest to pay down the principal. The interest rate directly influences the monthly payment, and as the principal is repaid, equity in the vehicle is built. Ownership is fully transferred to the buyer at the end of the loan term, providing the freedom to keep or modify the vehicle.

Despite the straightforward process, rising car prices, exceeding $48,300 in 2023, have led many to consider alternative options.

Leasing: A Viable Alternative

Leasing offers an alternative to conventional ownership, allowing buyers to make lower monthly payments for a set term. While the monthly cost is generally lower than financing a new vehicle, there's a trade-off—the vehicle must be returned at the lease term's conclusion.

In an era where remote work diminishes mileage restrictions' significance for many, the appeal of leasing has increased. The predictability of payments, coverage under the manufacturer's new-car warranty, and potential inclusion of maintenance services contribute to its attractiveness. However, the rigidity of a lease may limit flexibility compared to ownership.

To aid in decision-making, let's delve into the advantages and disadvantages of leasing.

The Upside of Leasing at Cascade Autocenter

  • Drive Trouble-Free Years: Leasing enables you to drive the vehicle during its most trouble-free years.
  • Always in a Late-Model Vehicle: Lease agreements ensure you're consistently driving a late-model vehicle covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Inclusive Maintenance: Some leases may include free oil changes and other scheduled maintenance.
  • Access to High-Priced Vehicles: Leasing allows you to drive a higher-priced, better-equipped vehicle than you might afford through buying.
  • Latest Safety Features: Leased vehicles are equipped with the latest active safety features.
  • Avoid Resale Hassles: No need to worry about fluctuations in the car's trade-in value or the hassle of selling it when moving on.
  • Tax Advantages for Businesses: Business owners may enjoy significant tax advantages with leasing.
  • Simple Return Process: At the lease end, you drop off the car at the dealer.

The Disadvantages of Leasing at Cascade Autocenter

  • Higher Long-Term Costs: Leasing typically costs more than an equivalent loan as payments cover the vehicle's most rapid depreciation period.
  • Endless Monthly Payments: If you continually lease one car after another, monthly payments become perpetual, unlike the value gained from owning a vehicle long-term.
  • Mileage Restrictions: Lease contracts specify limited miles, and exceeding them results in excess mileage penalties.
  • Wear-and-Tear Charges: Failure to maintain the vehicle in good condition may lead to excess wear-and-tear charges upon return.
  • Early Termination Fees: Exiting a lease early may result in significant termination fees.
  • Condition Requirements: The vehicle must be returned in showroom condition, with additional fees for wear and tear.
  • Expendable Item Costs: Lessees are responsible for expendable items like tires, which can be pricier to replace on well-equipped vehicles.
  • End-of-Lease Fee: A fee may apply when turning in the vehicle at the lease end.

Considering Alternatives at Cascade Autocenter

While some opt for longer-term car loans, leasing becomes an attractive alternative, especially for those aiming for lower monthly payments and a new vehicle every few years. It's crucial to weigh the limitations of leasing, such as mileage and wear-and-tear constraints, against the benefits.

Making a direct comparison between car loans and leases is challenging due to the complex nature of these financial arrangements. However, Cascade Autocenter aims to assist customers in making informed decisions, providing transparency about the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option.

In conclusion, whether you choose to buy or lease, Cascade Autocenter encourages customers to select vehicles with high resale value, reliability,  good fuel economy and where your service is all in one stop.  The ultimate goal is to align your choice with your preferences, lifestyle, and long-term financial plans. Visit Cascade Autocenter in Wenatchee WA, to explore a diverse range of new Subaru and Chevrolet vehicles and find the perfect fit for your driving needs.


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What To Do If You Hit A Deer?


Navigating the road, especially during early mornings or sunsets when deer are most active, increases the likelihood of encountering wildlife. Urbanization forces these creatures out of their natural habitat, coexisting in areas populated by people. In rural settings, it's common to spot deer near roads and highways. If, unfortunately, you hit a deer while driving, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Cascade Autocenter in Wenatchee WA, provides the following checklist to help you manage the situation safely.


Pull Over Safely

If your vehicle is still drivable after colliding with a deer, pull over to a safe spot promptly. Ensure you're out of harm's way, especially if other vehicles are present. Activate hazard lights to increase visibility, signaling to other drivers that an incident has occurred. If you sustain injuries and require medical assistance, call 911 immediately.

Check the Deer

If you're unharmed and able to exit your vehicle safely, assess the condition of the deer from a distance. Determine if it's deceased or injured. Do not approach the animal or attempt to move it yourself. Deer are powerful animals that may react unpredictably if approached. If the deer can't move from the road, use flares to warn oncoming traffic of the hazard.

Contact the Police

While you may not be obligated to contact authorities after hitting a deer, involving the police can be beneficial for securing the area. They can record details of the incident in a police report, useful for insurance claims. If the deer is injured and requires assistance, the police may contact animal control. You can also reach out to them if the animal appears distressed before the police arrive.

Reduce Collision Risk

Given that deer are more active during twilight and dusk, exercise heightened awareness when driving during these times. Secure your seatbelt, drive defensively, and reduce speed. Watch for glowing eyes in the dark, a potential sign of deer nearby. In the event of a deer in your path, honking your horn and maintaining consistent driving speed are recommended. Avoid sudden swerves or slamming on brakes to minimize the risk of further accidents.

Don't Assume your Vehicle is Safe to Drive

Double-check that your car is drivable after hitting a deer. Look for leaking fluid, loose parts, tire damage, broken lights, a hood that won't latch and other safety hazards. If your vehicle seems unsafe in any way, call for a tow and take it to Cascade Autocenter's collision shop.

Cascade Autocenter hopes you never have to go through the steps outlined above, and your travels remain safe. In the unfortunate event that you need to replace a vehicle due to a collision with a deer or any other reason, explore the extensive selection of new and used vehicles at We're here to get you back on the road swiftly. Until then, drive carefully out there. Safe travels!

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Embarking on the Dash Camera Odyssey: Your Ultimate Fleet Safety Companion

Welcome aboard, savvy fleet managers! In the realm of commercial fleet management, where every mile counts, safety takes the wheel. Enter dash cameras – your trusty co-pilots offering insights, reducing risks, and championing the cause of safety and efficiency. Now, here's the lowdown: while you won't find dash cameras on the shelves of Cascade Auto Center , consider this your pit stop for a comprehensive guide that's like a friendly GPS through the intricate landscape of dash camera selection. Buckle up; we're in for a ride! Our award winning service and parts department is here to walk you through all your fleet add ons!

Understanding the Role of Dash Cameras in Fleet Management: 

Picture dash cameras as the unsung heroes of your fleet, diligently working to enhance safety, slash accidents, and sprinkle a bit of magic on overall efficiency. They're not just gadgets; they're your fleet's personal detectives, protecting your business, your drivers and the general public.

Assessing Your Fleet's Specific Needs: 

Before we delve into the dash camera galaxy, let's take a moment for some introspection. What makes your fleet tick? What types of vehicles do you have, and what's the vibe of your usual routes? This is your fleet's personality quiz, setting the stage for finding the dash camera that's a perfect match.

Key Features to Prioritize: 

Now, let's talk about features – the cool stuff that turns your vehicles into high-tech wonders. Think high-resolution video capture, wide-angle lenses, GPS tracking – the works! These features not only boost safety but also add a dash of sophistication and modernization to your fleet.

Brands and Models Recommended by Industry Experts:

Consider this your friend sharing the best tech deals. At Cascade Auto Center , we've got the inside scoop on top-notch options known for their durability and stellar performance. It's like having a tech-savvy friend giving you the lowdown.

Installation and Integration Best Practices: 

Installing a dash camera should be as smooth as a well-timed pit stop during a road trip. We're here to guide you through the process, making sure your dash camera seamlessly integrates with your existing fleet management systems. No bumps in the road here! There are plug and play options to hard wired telematics, all things to consider based on your fleets needs and goals. 

Real-World Success Stories:

Who doesn't love a good success story? Discover how businesses, just like yours, have transformed their safety records and fleet efficiency by embracing dash cameras. Real talk – it's inspiring, and it's proof that this tech can make a real difference and even save lives out on the road. 

Conclusion: Empowering Fleet Managers for Success:

In a nutshell, Cascade Auto Center in Wenatchee, WA
is here to be your trusty guide, even if dash cameras aren't on our shelves. This guide is your go-to resource for navigating the world of dash camera choices. Let's make your fleet safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced – because, after all, that's what friends are for!

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