Benefits of Leasing a Car in Wenatchee, WA

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Why Lease at Cascade Autocenter
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If you've been wondering if leasing a car is a good idea, come discover the benefits of leasing a new car at one of our car dealerships in Wenatchee, WA. Our Cascade Auto Center car dealerships all offer flexible lease terms to help you upgrade your drives for less. We can help you decide if you should lease or buy a new car, and we'll show you how to successfully lease a vehicle if you choose to do so. You can lease any car you'd like, so hurry into our Wenatchee car dealerships to find the new Subaru, Cadillac or Chevrolet that's right for you!

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When you lease a car, truck or SUV from a Cascade Auto Center car dealership in Wenatchee, WA, you'll always know your Cadillac, Subaru or Chevy end-of-lease options. If you enjoyed your leased Chevrolet Silverado truck, you have the option to return your Chevy lease to us and walk away with no questions asked. You'll pay no fees or penalties if you stay within your lease terms and you can even lease a new Cadillac XT5 or Subaru Crosstrek next. If you loved your leased Chevrolet Equinox, know that you can buy it at its L.E.V, or Lease End Value, at the end of your lease. You'll know what this price is when you opt for a car lease so that you can budget accordingly. The L.E.V. price is typically higher than the car's market value, allowing you to save money in the process!

Additional Benefits of Leasing at Cascade Auto Center:

  • You'll enjoy a smaller down payment and lower monthly costs.
  • You won't have to pay an upfront sales tax, as you aren't purchasing the car.
  • You won't have to worry about your Chevy, Subaru or Cadillac losing its value.
  • You won't be responsible for selling or trading in your car after usage.
  • If you lease a vehicle for business, you can claim it as a tax deduction.
Why Lease Used at Cascade Autocenter

Now that you know how easy it is to lease a car, visit our Wenatchee Cadillac, Subaru or Chevy dealership to sign and drive. Lease a car today!